Jackie Roche is a freelance cartoonist and illustrator specializing in nonfiction comics about history and current events. She works both independently and in collaboration with writers and journalists.

Clients include:
Blunderbuss Magazine, Crain’s Chicago Business, Columbia Magazine, Splinter (formerly Fusion), Firefly BooksHarvard University Library, LA News Group, SymboliaThe Cartoon PicayuneThe Nib, and The Nib in partnership with the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, Wishing Step Pictures.

Comics in anthologies: Colonial Comics: New England, 1750 – 1775 (vol. II), Irene #4, Irene #6, Unknown Origins and Untimely Ends, Then it was DarkSweaty Palms, Graphic Canon of Crime and Mystery, vol. 1.

Jackie has previously written online course material for Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and she designed and taught Art, Comics, and Transformative Journalism, a multidisciplinary workshop-style course at Cornell College.

Jackie graduated from the University of Hartford honors program summa cum laude in 2009 with majors in illustration and American history, and earned her MFA at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Both institutions awarded her academic scholarships covering approximately half the cost of tuition. She currently owes $13,431.24 on her bachelor's degree and $62.956 on her master's. 

Originally from Connecticut, Jackie currently lives in Chicago with her partner.

See her CV page.

Interview: Q+A with Josh Kramer of The Cartoon Picayune
Q&A: Voyage Chicago


For freelance inquiries:

jackie.a.roche [at] gmail dot com


In Human Form
CAKE (roving, as an organizer)
June 1 &2, 2019. 

CXC, Columbus OH, Sept 27 – 30, 2018.

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